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Team building

Planning and Operating of various teambuilding programs based on know-how of YEHA IMP”
Introduction of Teambuilding

About Teambuilding

Although the atmosphere of a workplace and ties among coworkers have a significant impact on work-related capacity of individual workers, mutual understanding and smooth communication are more difficult than people think due to their different cultures and values. Teambuilding provides an opportunity to find inherent disposition and good points of members of an organization which are not shown easily because their role in workplace takes precedence. Teambuilding programs with recreational activities added help team members not only to control their stress but also to understand and get closer to coworkers, making it possible to exert the best teamwork.

YEHA IMP’s Teambuilding Programs

Thanks to creativeness and excellence, YEHA IMP’s Teambuilding Programs has been developed with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

  1. Amazing Race

    Team building program in which people carry out missions using smartphones while racing.
    The Missions are to find hidden tourist attractions and discover distinctive culture and well-known local products of Jeju. It is a team building program that requires creativity and cooperation between team members; arouses special interest through a new technique called Zoom and Re-Zoom; and heightens tension through carrying out missions using smartphones. It also improves teamwork through upgraded tour-type team building that you have never experienced before, while at the same time, you will be able to see the hidden charms of Jeju!

  2. Touch Jeju Island, and Build Your Team

    It is a program that allows you to indirectly experience the life of Jeju people who had to work together to live in the barren environment of Jeju with poor resources. It also enables you to understand the culture of Jeju. Moreover, it improves unity between team members through team building. A variety of programs is prepared using the unique materials of Jeju which can change depending on the season and climate. Time and price can be adjusted upon the request of participants. Also, a cooperative spirit between team members can be developed by introducing competition between teams, and team members can understand each other and improve teamwork naturally while carrying out each mission.

Operation of an exclusive website for teambuilding

Operation of major website of Jeju teambuilding

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