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About the company

Yeha IMP - YEHA International MICE Planner

YEHA IMP is an international MICE planner doing its best to create corporate culture that puts people before everything else.

We will provide customized service from international meetings, incentive tours, conventions, etc just for you by marrying advanced MICE infrastructure of Jeju and the 7 Wonders of the World.

We, as a Jeju PCO, have a Seoul office for a smooth provision of services. We have MICE know-how from MICE events of a number of years in the past. We provide our services in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, etc for the optimal conduct of events.

We promise that YEHA IMP will always be at the center of a new history of Jeju.

Strength of YEHA

Based on rich infrastructure in tourism such as aviation, hotel, and transportation, and through independent program development, superb ability of planning, and strong partnership, we would like to be reborn as a leading PCO in Jeju.

  1. Experiences in Multinational Events

    We have carried out events not only for Korean companies but also for a variety of foreign companies.

  2. Special Ability of Planning by Utilizing Unique Characteristics of Jeju

    We are a company born in Jeju and have a thorough knowledge of Jeju. Therefore, we can draw up a plan by making full use of characteristics of Jeju.

  3. YEHA IMP composed of Professionals

    YEHA IMP takes pride in its workforce composed of those fluent in foreign languages and those who majored in related fields.

  4. We Provide Creative Contents Thanks to Independently Developed MICE Programs

    We have a lot of independently developed creative contents including team building programs.

  5. We Have Rich Experiences in Travel Business

    Based on experience in travel business, we have a lot of infrastructure in aviation, hotel, land transportation, etc. Thanks to this, we are highly competitive in organizing events.

Corporate Culture

Under 5 corporate philosophies, we at YEHA are doing our best to dream, carry out creative thinking and leading a life where we share what we have with others.

  1. Give up without hesitation unless you can become peerless No.1
  2. Dream as if you are crazy! Your crazy dream will come true.
  3. Think endlessly! There definitely will be answers.
  4. Put your thoughts into practice! Failure will be taken care of by everyone, and success will be compensated sufficiently.
  5. Be thankful of everything and always share what you have with others!

Vision of YEHA

JEJU Headquarters : 2F, 106-dong, 49, Wonnam 6-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 63234, South Korea. Yeha, Inc.
TEL 064) 713-5505 | FAX 064) 713-1452
SEOUL Office : #8, Baumoe-ro 7-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL 02) 722-5505 | FAX 02) 722-5506
License number: 616-81-66408 | Tourism registration No. 56 | Mail order license number JE2008-JEJUYEONDONG-0069HO | President of the company, Lee, Min Goo

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