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Greetings from CEO

Thank you for visiting YEHA IMP.

Despite being a late bloomer compared with its domestic and international peers that specialize in MICE, Jeju’s MICE industry is growing rapidly on the strength of holding of World Conservation Congress (WCC) in 2012. However, a closer look at the flip side of the rapid growth reveals that there are only a handful of major PCOs leading the international convention industry, and PCOs tend to take a back seat to Seoul-based large-scale entertainment companies with a lot of experiences and planning ability.

This shows that the existing MICE planning methods will not sharpen competitive edge of PCOs. However, I think that a PCO who can graft utilization of natural environment, emceeing meeting in DMC way, theme parties, incentive tours, and team building on to the ordinary travel business will be able to gain competitiveness. We will become a PCO that tries to enhance the value of Jeju, rather than one preoccupied with unique Jeju way only.

If you would like to feel a live Jeju with MICE, YEHA IMP will become the best partner of yours.

Thank you.


CEO Min Goo Lee

Management Philosophy

Building an upright company with forward-looking thoughts and keeping in mind corporate social responsibility all the time.
JEJU Headquarters : 2F, 106-dong, 49, Wonnam 6-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 63234, South Korea. Yeha, Inc.
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