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About JEJU

International Free City, Tourism and Recreational City, Gateway City to Asian and the Pacific Ocean , The Center of Northeast Asia  - JEJU!
Location :
Center of Northeastern region close to China, Taiwan, and Japan
Population :
Area :
Climate :
subtropical with 4 distinct seasons
Average temperature :
Jeju City-15.5℃/ Seogwipo City: 16.2℃
Visa :
Entry without visa (for 180 countries, up to 30 days)

Culture of Jeju

"Samda (three plenty) in Jeju"
Jeju is a land of life with unique culture having Samda of stones, wind, and haenyeo (women diver). It is a sacred island with some 18,000 kinds of gods, has unique dialect and legends. It is a treasure of folklore.
Dolharbang (a statue of stone)

Dolharbang (a statue of stone)

One of the major symbolof Jeju, Dolharbang is an august commander,chief gatekeeper, and patron saint driving out misfortune.

Wind Farm

In the past, strong wind was regarded as a stumbling block to human life. Today, the very same wind is a driving force for the future and has been reborn as quality energy source enhancing quality of life.

Jeju Hangwon Wind Power Generation Complex
Parade of women divers

Haenyeo (Women diver)

Harvesting ear shells, conches, and other sea weeds for their entire life, Haenyeo are the symbol of strong and hard workingJeju women.

JEJU Headquarters : 2F, 106-dong, 49, Wonnam 6-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 63234, South Korea. Yeha, Inc.
TEL 064) 713-5505 | FAX 064) 713-1452
SEOUL Office : #8, Baumoe-ro 7-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL 02) 722-5505 | FAX 02) 722-5506
License number: 616-81-66408 | Tourism registration No. 56 | Mail order license number JE2008-JEJUYEONDONG-0069HO | President of the company, Lee, Min Goo

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